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Skills & Techniques

I am impressed with the skills and techniques I have learned over the past year taking web design classes. It is very rewarding to know how to code a website and see it go live on the internet. I have had a few struggles but feel very confident from what I have learned from them. Designing for web is much different from designing for print and this was a major challenge I faced.

There are many limitations when designing for web although new technology such as html 5 and css3 properties allow more freedom for design. I struggled with the adjustment of designing for print only to web. This is something I wish I learned prior to the class. I would spend hours on an interface design to find that it would not be able to function properly on the website.

Although I have learned a lot from the past two courses, I still feel like I only know the basics of web design. There is so much more to learn about the virtual world of coding. Unfortunately, UNF does not offer more classes, however I do feel like I have reached a good starting point and am eager to understand and learn new advancing technologies for the web. I plan on using the knowledge I have learned to work on a few freelancing projects this summer as well as a portfolio site of my work in the next year.

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