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Grain Edit
Grain Edit is a design related blog I have found useful in the past for research and inspiration. Grain edit is a wordpress blog that focuses on classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and how it reflects and inspires contemporary designers today. It is based out of Oakland, California and designed by Ebrahim Ezzy and Qelix Interactive. The site features a great assortment of artwork, photography, typography and graphic design making it very resourceful for its intended audience of artists and graphic designers. Every day, new posts are created in chronological order to keep the content fresh and inventive. Posts include a wide range of design-related material from interviews, jobs, articles, design annuals, type specimens, posters and etc.
Visually, the site is designed to appear very clean and minimal with a muted color palette and good use of white space, making it easier to browse through its vibrant content. My only critique of the page is the eight navigational links at the top of the page. The links are white on a very light grey background making difficult to read. I am really drawn to the typeface of the grain edit logo set in Farao Bold. The information is aligned into a four-column grid; the first two contain the blog post images and information while the third column highlights the main features, sections, comments and most popular posts. The fourth column is comprised of top poster picks, recommendations, the grain bin and the designer bookshelf. The clean and organized design makes the content easily browsable and simple to navigate.

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