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“Single Page” Concept in Web Design


The website that I feel best exemplifies the “single page” concept from 30 Outstanding Single Page Website designs is It features a simple, yet modern concept focused on transmitting a clear message of sustainability. High interest is created upon first view when the mouse hovers over a car or airplane graphic, and as it hovers, the graphic disappears. When all of the graphics disappear, the viewer is supplied with additional information regarding the business plan. This design feature engages the viewer to interact with the website to further see what it has to offer. All of the information is contained within the single page. On the left-hand column, the company logo is displayed with navigation links directly below. As the viewer clicks on each link, the information flows automatically from four directions in its contained area. No scrolling is necessary, making the contents of the site easier to browse and more user-friendly. Although this concept is more user friendly, it may be confusing at times when the site is steering the way for you. It is important that the viewer does not get confused when trying to navigate around the page and this site has made it very clear and simple to pilot.


A single page design was very appropriate for this website for more than just aesthetic reasons. There is a connection between the two concepts of “single page” and “think green.” They go hand in hand because they share similar themes of simplicity and sustainability. While single page websites contain information in a way that is more efficient and economical to internet users, thinking green is economical to the planet. There is enough white space to have a clear understanding of the content and the color scheme is appropriate to the idea of environmental awareness.

The website that I feel best utilizes the “single page” concept is Colourpixel features the personal portfolio site of a graphic designer. The contact information, portfolio, about information, favorites and contact are all displayed on one page. There is a lot of information on the site, but it is organized so that it is kept short and to the point. The portfolio is divided into three categories: websites, identity, and branding & print. The work is contained in three columns and when clicked on, the work is enlarged for better viewing. Colourpixel is a good example of how to present your work in a playful and eye catching way. The design is inviting with its use of warm, vibrant colors and rainbow graphics, but it seems like there is too much going on in the page. I feel that single page websites should not be heavy with graphical elements, patterns and large background images. Simple design is more effective and can make a more of an impact by not distracting the viewer from other elements.

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