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In chapter four of Principles of Beautiful Web Design, Beaird discusses the importance of Typography in web design. He explores the basic of the letterform itself and discusses various uses of typefaces. It is important to choose an appropriate typeface to go with the page you are designing. Web friendly fonts are limited, so designers need to creative and resourceful when placing text. You have a choice of nine font families from something known as “the safe list.” It is usually best to use web-safe fonts for body text since some readers like to scale the type in order to read it better. If you want to display a different font, say for a headline, you can put the text into the image, as long as proper HTML and CSS rules are applied. Line spacing and leading are still primary decisions in choosing a font, for it can increase or decrease the legibility. You also need to be aware of your text alignment, including obvious rivers within the text blocks. You should create different typeface distinctions, which can be done through the use of contrasting or different fonts, such as a serif and a sans-serif. It is important to keep in mind that all browsers render text a differently.

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