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A Good Deal Gone Viral

You know them and probably all your friends at this moment are tweeting, Facebook, texting, emailing you about them.A sweet deal.
With companies like Groupon, LivingSocial, SlickDeals, LuckyChic, GiltCity, BuyWithMe, Tippr and more it’s hard not to notice that deals have gone viral. They are everywhere and they were meant to become viral from the beginning.
Take for example LivingSocial, grossing more than 50+ Million dollars on their deal making business makes it hard not to share the deal with others. Their catch? Pure Genius!. You go to LivingSocial and buy a good deal then when shared with three friends once they buy it your deal is free!, they give you the tools and reminders to not forget of course. So every coupon that is bought by the thousands and thousands of people a day that visit the site is embedded to become social with each person that buys it. I call this genius because there is a “Don’t Make Me Think” approach that I love. They make sure the customers now that right off the bat on there site, then once you complete the transaction you can just pass the message to your friends with a single click on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (not relevant), Email or just simply copy and paste the link into your blog or any web medium you want to use, it doesn’t get simpler and cleaner than that. And that’s my friend the reason all this businesses have exploded into the web world because the viral tools were not thought at a later stage of their business development, it actually was built around that thought from the beginning.
Others followed of course like Groupon which gives you $10 Groupon Bucks for you to redeem any time you share a deal with a friend that hasn’t use Groupon before which should be easy counting the hundreds of friends and acquaintances you probably have on your social globe. But this magic comes with a timer and new ideas will need to resurge in order to keep people challenged to do something in return of something better.
As this sites grow and cover the lands of the web more people will notice and start using them, then you sharing something will become something old that people already knew about when you shared it, so what to do to keep this people engaged in your business or product?
Social shopping perhaps? Share buttons powered by Facebook?
Right now the move is in and it’s deal time. People don’t buy anything unless there is a big DEAL making part of the equation.
The social success comes not from thinking about it once your business has launched, but instead building your business around it and shaping it towards Viral approach and social streaming environments, then and only then you will be able to mark your territory in a social driven world.

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