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A Social Life Full of Deals!

banana_republicLately the word “Deals” have become a hot topic on everyone’s mouth. From “Have you checked out Groupon today?” to “Don’t you dare buy that without a deal search first”. It is the way we talk in today’s social shopping experience. Unless there’s a deal going on we seem to think it twice before giving our money away to anyone from clothing to electronics.
The other day I went to a clothing store and bought some items to later find them at 40% OFF on their web store! I am the worst when it comes to return stuff (thanks mom!), but I had to do it, savings of 40% are great, so I took my just bought new pair of pants and went straight to the store and genuinely told them about my online finding and they said no problem and refunded my money in order for me to go back home online and place the order through their site, which in fact didn’t surprise me since one social marketing key is being able to trace and measure the effectiveness of it. So dear Banana Republic, you got it right.
The first step was to actually put a one day 40% OFF exclusive coupon code on sites like “Slickdeals” and off it goes. People started using it and moving it virally. Since that was the medium chosen for that particular promotion they were able to track by the second how many transactions used it and which medium worked better. Was it Facebook Sharing?, Twitter?, Word of Mouth?, etc. Now that they have the right tools to segment and trace exactly what they wanted they can afford taking people out of the stores and into their web store to see the social movement they cause after such a great deal. And that’s how things should be executed with “Measurement” and “Trackability” embedded into any campaign so you can come back with real results. In a Social World there is no failed campaign as long as you have those two key components in mind from the get-go.
It’s refreshing seeing campaigns like this and to actually be part of it makes it all more dynamic and fun! In the end I ended up saving a lot of money on my item and helped a company to stream their social value in today’s “Deal powered Social Life”.
So before you go shopping out there in the Wild Wide Web, head to sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, Slickdeals, etc. and make sure you are in-sync with this Deal living world!
Share some recent deals you’ve catch recently on the web and share your sources!

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