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A Tip on Your Social Word

If there is one key component you have to continuously pay attention on this engaging social media world is your “social word”. As streams of data show up in front of our eyes from sources like TwitterFacebook, Reddit and more  sometimes we might be tempted to simply Re-Tweet and just pass the word of others forward without thinking out first, “Wait. Do I believe or agree with that statement”?. A simple pause before pressing re-tweet would pay out tremendously.

Your audience is eager to follow your thoughts and what you have to say as long as it comes from you because they trust you.  Simply passing along someone else’s message (especially if it doesn’t sound like something you would say) diminishes that trust.

Make the best out of the social network experience and give or add your thoughts to messages you come across and feel compelled to share with your audience.

You have only one “Social Word” so make sure it’s your own.

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