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Ads | Is your phone ready?

By now you probably have heard about Apple iAds and the future of mobile advertisement for iPhones. With a solid base of +100 million active users using iPhones and iPod Touch devices and a plethora of app developers writing onto that platform, Apple got it right to focus into an organic from the ground up advertisement platform and they are calling it iAds.
Apple is not the only MVP player in this game, there are some others like Google Ads, Mobilio which have been in this game for a longer time and know the rules. A lot of other mobile ads companies have actually been acquired by companies like Facebook, RIM, Google and others. This acquisitions come to no surprise, since the dawn of a real smart phone (iPhone, Android, RIM), companies have tried and successfully covered a large real estate of service delivery on ads to mobile devices.
I have always thought that the best way to implement a successful advertisement campaign is to actually be right on point at two things:
1. It has to be relevant – and with this I mean relevant to the content, user profile, past activity, likes, etc. Let me give you an example. A year ago I was a consultant to a private company that was looking for revenues based on ads on their site. They were a sport product company and needed some ad revenue from their pretty decent visited site. My first question to them was, What do we know about the users? to which they replied, Is that important? and I said yes. You see, a lot of people just think one way and that is lets put some ads there and make some money, but if the ad is not relevant to the user it’s not going to work. Even ads that relevancy depends on the content on which they are displayed are wrong, the AdSense core is not smart enough, so picking words that I am not interested in while I am reading a page and displaying ads based on that are not going to get me clicking. The trick is to actually ask questions on the registration portion of the profile for the user like, what is your favorite sneakers brand, select one of the following favorite drinks you enjoy, etc. With this data now we can actually create a great PBP(Pay-by-performance)campaign and really give our customers an ad they will click on and our ads sponsor something to believe in. I believe the PPI (Pay-per-impression)model is dead, now is the time to accurately define what the customer likes and give exactly that.
2. Sexy – Yes, take for instance Nike for which I have added an example in this post for, that is sexy. There is something about things looking good and presentable that makes us just look into it because who doesn’t want something that looks good? Looking at ads from AdSense from Google sometimes makes me go nuts, banners look so cheap and scary at times that I just leave that page because I just don’t feel good, sometimes I just print the page and leave that site because the whole site is infested with them. I take the design approach every time, I go to direct channels and if a product interests me I pursue it directly with the provider like, Listen, I want to have your product on my site but the banners that I’ve seen do not fit the look and feel of my site/content schema, so my design team can work with your team and create something we can both use how about that? The funny thing is that 99% of the time they agree and there you go side by side with their marketing company designing something that took time, looks good and will bring results for both parties. And this is where I think Apple will win, since they are hand picking who gets to go first on their platform they can filter out players that play cheap with players that rules like looking sexy is crucial and relevant.
I have not seen yet what is Apple up to on its release for iAds and nothing has come along on my iPad as of yet, but I am eager to see if they cook their meal with the right recipe and right temperature.
There is so much to talk about this, that I just wanted to give a tip for more to come. Have you had an experience with mobile ads or ads overall? Leave your thoughts.

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