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Apple and the Symphony of Social iTunes!

ping_appleIt’s always a pleasure to see Steve Jobs as a main speaker on any Apple event, it’s just pure perfection. He can joke, drop some real numbers and make us feel like kids once again wanting something so badly and today’s event was no exception.
Who would’ve though that Apple was going to bring social media to a proven 165 million active user platform?
As of today you can go to Apple iTunes store and download the latest version of iTunes which includes a social Facebook alike featured named “Ping”.
Ping will allow iTunes users to share so much about their music, videos, podcasts, artists, etc. likes and make them public to whomever they want on iTunes, so start building your friends list again because here comes another social network and it’s user base is already established and anxious to play.
The Wall looks like Facebook, allowing users to follow friends, post messages, buy tickets for events or concerts, follow artists like Twitter, all centralized within your iTunes world. This for me is a home run from Apple to the world. Pandora, LastFM, Grooveshark and others have been trying to get on this for years and now comes Apple with its 100 million + users and takes the show to the next level. Features like “Circle of Friends” will allow you to only have a certain crowd of your closest most music respected friends and see what tunes they are listening and buying. You will be able to see a Top List of tracks based on their likes and patterns of music.
Now, on this post I have included a photo of the new “iTV” because of two reasons:
1. With iTunes as the engine for iTV, and iAds around the corner, Apple will be able to reap the benefits of its “hobby like iTV product” from the past years and position themselves at the crest of the social entertainment box office. This means that whenever you watch movie, listen to music, or download a TV episode you will be sharing this with your closest friends which will be able to see whether you are catching up on some favorite TV shows and let them comment about it but primarily the real value is patterns of social activity. Apple mentioned that iAds is meant to connect with the consumer via its “emotion = motion” formula. Now they have a platform to get data from and we shall see the benefits of it on the next generation of products next year. Apple is here to get to know it’s customers to the core of things, what makes us happy music, family time with a kids movie perhaps or what are we talking about and who we share it with. Social patterns at this moment in 2010 are key to have a complete advantage over any other business products or offerings.
2. Pricing done right. iTV kicks off @ $99. With that price tag they will be everywhere within months. Look at what happened to Roku and Tivo. They created the same device with of course a weaker interface but never were able to make it work and I’am talking about the failed latest generation of Tivo’s which they are giving away right now since they are probably stocked by the palette and looking for new owners and Roku, offering their streaming box for $69.99 when a year ago would sell for $299.
I like Apple, and we can all learn from them. They know their Apple TV product was a failure but it took them 4 years to see that it wasn’t, in fact it was a hobby of them to learn as much as they could about the top box industry and see what people loved and hated from it. If you take that  approach on all maybe failed social marketing initiatives you will see that something greater was learned from it. As Apple says don’t call it a mistake call it a hobby.

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