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04_handyThe phrase “If you build it they’ll come” is more out of date today than ever before, because before we could jump into conclusions, react upon a hunch and learn after getting burned, but today it is very strange to see something really not work to our advantage. The core process of success and failure is relative in today’s business minds. Look for example to players like Apple, when they launched their Apple TV for the first time it was more like a hobby or project that they at the time put a lot of time and marketing into and it turned out to be for a lot of people a failed product, but that turned out to be only true for those people because for Apple the whole experiment as they called was a great success. They not only learned what customers wanted, but at what price. The measurability of their results was a huge success to any company at the time that was even thinking in launching a competitive product against them. Measurability is the key in this little experiment that today is looking better and stronger than it was two years ago.
One of my favorite lectures of all times was by late “Prof. Randy Pausch” from which I have shared the lecture in its entirety here. What I loved about it was that he was a visionary and his ideas came to fruition because of his imagination and desire to see something happening in this life, today, now. I am going into a tangent here, the tangent of vision.
The opportunities we have today to develop, execute, transform and connect with people are unlimited and that includes ways for you to innovate and make things work better or serve their purpose easier than they currently are. I call myself an Imagineer, because I never stop developing ideas and creating things in my mind. It is of course my decision on what I want to follow up on, but recently in this years I’ve come up with ideas based on connectivity, social studies, design, and more that make me excited and I’ve decided to follow upon.
We are Social Imagineers, early followers of a movement that was created by sharing and that keeps evolving as long as we keep feeding it with our ideas to connect and develop. I see it every time around us, I see the visionaries between us and sometimes those voices go silent.

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