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Are you ready to engage a “Social Audience”?

At the moment the most successful businesses that are reaping the benefits of Social Media Marketing are
actually SMB’s (Small Businesses). This data did not surprise me at all since they are more open to new
ways of implementing and executing businesses than anyone else. Social Business interaction is not based
on books written 20+ years ago or discussed in classrooms in the early 90’s, the social business mind came
to life just a couple of years back, that’s why no one realistically can show proven ways on how to execute
a successful campaign without trying it first or building up to it.

So where to start?

After reading a couple of books, blogs, posts, emails, etc., etc. I came to the conclusion that there are no real Social Media Experts out there at the moment, this platform is too young in order for people to be called an “Expert”, but what there is a lot of – is opportunity. Opportunity to test new ways to interact with our current customers and see how it works, space to engage them into new ways of 2-way conversations with us, their service providers enabling us to understand more what they think and how they feel about our products. This is the first time in business history that we are empowered with such numbers of tools where we can actually take a step back look and think before charging into it and choose what we believe is best for our customers or fan base.
One of my tactics in any business idea I endeavor myself in, is that I should become an expert in the area I will be working on or things will not work at all. That is why I choose the businesses I can help, because the connection between me and their product needs to exist in order for me to click and develop a successful and tailored experience to this customers.
So before you hit the Social Arena out there, become an expert in your area within the company, understand the
product to a 120% level until you feel comfortable to speak about it in front of millions and to answer questions of course. Once you reach this level of confidence you will be ready to engage into the creation of social media marketing campaigns that will make a difference between your competitors. Social is just an exposure
of you and your brand to the reach of millions, you can mimic this feeling everyday by just imagining you are the center of attention of a business crowd that sums to millions.
Are you ready? Do you feel comfortable answering any questions your audience might have? Are you confident in your knowledge? These are just a few key questions you need to positively answer to yourself before you take a step in the social arena.
Of course there is a learning curve, but I promise it will be an easier and effective one if you prepare yourself before the social engagement begins.

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