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In a social world a lot of the strategies we see from day to day could be cataloged as B2C (Business to Consumer)transactions, clearly you can see the goal of companies trying to reach their niche where their product belongs. But when it comes to B2B (Business to Business), some rules need to be tweaked, not changed, to get the best results.
When it comes to B2B, to the naked eye it may seem that in a world of social interactions B2C is king, but that is not all truth. The key for a successful B2B social strategy is to educate potential customers with a new approach.
Remember the White Paper era? You would go to websites to find information about the company and their offerings and all you could get was a white paper in PDF format for you to download, how about newsletters (Hahaha), for me it was like the business was shutting the door in my face and telling me to go read and come back with questions, and that my friends is the biggest mistakes companies are executing upon right at this moment. It’s refreshing to see companies like Verizon, IKEA, Sprint and others take the social approach and are playing with new initiatives to educate prospect customers on their offerings and solutions. It may not be there 100% yet, but hey, it’s a start. Take for example Verizon Business, go now and take a look, the first thing you notice is the availability of a report to read online, but look at the tools they give you, they give you Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. This is a great example on B2B social strategies, it’s amazing that the PDF has gone from most used to least used. The power behind it is amazing, think about it. I am reading a document online that from the get go seems that I cannot download and save to my computer because the truth is I don’t need to anymore and then I have the tools to send to  my twitter account which I share with associates in my field and I am able to Tweet about it without hiccups or issues whatsoever, everything with just a click. Verizon is getting there with their B2B social recipe, still they have lots to learn and change, but Rome wasn’t built in a day right?.
B2B companies are high in intellectual value, information that other people could share with their colleagues, but there are still companies hesitant to change and they do not see how Twitter could help tremendously with their balance sheets. Sometimes they prefer just to hold on this intellectual property of theirs and choose to hold on it rather than sharing it.
If you are thinking that B2B social campaigns will be as big as “Dos Equis” I hate to be the bearer of bad news, they wont. With such a smaller audience they are normally more targeted and so are their viewership numbers.
If you are a B2B and want to jump into the social formula you have to know from the get go that these campaigns are long-term and are fueled by leadership. They develop with time while they are nurtured by you.
Share your knowledge, educate your customers with social ways and see the social growth of your business develop.

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