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“CrowdWork” | Social Business Defined

Some of you might have heard the term “ThinkTank”. Not related to”SharkTank”, a ThinkTank was an expression created from the need of socially sharing ideas in an open environment. Top level seniors would just gather around a table and discuss their latest business ventures or ideas in a social circle with friends and partners.
Today, this is known as “CrowdWork”. CrowdWork redefines the “ThinkTank” initiative by taking down the walls of the Office 1.0 structure and takes the core portion of people that we call thinkers and have them all working together in a 4 desk unity synergy of information. You do not need phones, email, txt messages, voicemails, etc. All you need is a voice and stand up and share it to the crowd. Business decisions that before took wasted time in coordination and preparation now could take days or sometimes hours to decide and move forward.
The way you can executive business decisions in a CrowdWork environment is possible the most powerful yet tool you have in today’s Social World. I can only imagine a CrowdWork setup with core business developers and core social marketing managers. Oh, wait, I do that all the time and the results are measurable success one after the other. Having the person you need next to you to bounce an idea off it’s powerful and magical.
We get things done, period. Believe in CrowdWork and give it a try. Stop phone calls, just bring your work area to the new Social World and reap its benefits. Because it pays big to live and work in a Social World.

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