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Demographicability is POWER!

The power of the internet can be enclosed into one single word and that is “Sharing”. The power of being able to share something with one another through connectivity of lines and wires have brought us to where we are today, to an immersive platform that allows us not only to share and connect but to experience new ways of communication with one another.
One of the “Laws of Power” of such platform is the power of information. He who possesses it and act upon it have the innate probability of success within a Social business approach. The limitless possibilities of the internet allows us to learn and engage more and more with current and prospect customers from who we only knew too little information in the past and now are willing to share with us to a certain extent, information that helps us as business providers to exceed their expectations related to our products and offerings.
“Demographicability”” is a word that sums up the power we receive from our visitors and in exchange use to provide a better relation and product to them. It’s all an exchange transaction. The simple action of a user to put their email address into a simple mail campaign should be treated like a gem of an opportunity which carries their trust and is open to a more personal communication channel between messenger and receiver.
The true ability of using this demographic data which include: location, visit time, goals, actions, personal information, email, age and more, is what makes a social and internet business click with people and in exchange becomes a viral success. As my father says “There is no good crop to pick without hard work and sacrifice“. The compilation of this data is critical for any business in today’s market, there are sometimes departments focused exclusively to analyze and direct a developer and business development team into action.
Look for example “Digg“. Once Digg released their new face and site functionality it went downhill, to the point that more than 37% of their most decorated and active users prefer a site much simpler “Reddit” vs. a site that they were using for years. Their audience were so upset that after all this years Digg were just following a guide and re-build of their site based on a small selected group than an overall majority of users. Their recipe should had been simple to the point of bringing new designs to all of it’s community and let the users “digg” the one they liked the most. Exposing your plans for change and product development to your customers and daily visitors is a great idea, you are making public innovation which people love to see all the time and since it engages them into the mainstream process you are more prone to end with a more tailored and powerful product than even before.
Demographicability could have saved “Digg”. Is it too late? Are you using your demographic data the way you should? It’s not just about the hits, is about who enters the door of your business and either looks around or asks for help.

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