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Do you Qwiki? – Get an Invite Today!

Hello, it’s been an excited couple of weeks. GetSocialJax has reached a great healthy number of followers and we couldn’t be more excited. We also had our first Meetup in Jacksonville Beach, FL and it was a great kick-off success.

I wanted to re-launch the blogging experience today with a great talk about a tool that has become a critical component in what I define innovation and ease of usability of the web, so today I present you “Qwiki”.

I will always remember the scene on the movie “Wall-E” when the pilot asks the computer to define “Planet Earth”, then the  computers starts pulling up all kinds of imagery possible and with this mix of images and sounds it defines to him what Earth is all about.

Well, if you know what I am talking about then you know how exciting this is, and for those who don’t buckle up.

Qwiki takes the experience of search and knowledge to a complete other realm. It is as simple as a Google Search Box but the results are presented to you in a voice+imagery mix with one of the sleekest speech engines I’ve seen since Apple was working on their Speech project.

There is not enough space for me to write about Qwiki since I would go on and on eternally about it. Their social awareness execution has been flawless since day one and I cannot wait until they go public.

At the moment they are in a closed beta, which means you can only gain access through invitations. But I have access to invites for you guys to go and check it out today!

Go ahead and post a message here with your email address and I will send your invite your way so you can start using this amazing resource now.

Qwiki at TechCrunch Disrupt from Qwiki on Vimeo.

All the best and happy new year!

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