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Domino’s Pizza Goes Social and Scores! Oh Yes They Did.

It’s amazing the power that you can have with social media, sometimes to the point that it can reshape a business, product or in this case both. Domino’s Pizza, one of the largest pizza on-the-go restaurants in the U.S. is to this day a great example on what social media marketing can do for you.
In 2005 Domino’s came across a big problem, their profits were declining at a rate of 18% and business was stagnant in growth. With a revamped look Pizza Hut was attracting customers with their iPhone app and social media strategies appealing to a younger crowd short on cash and hungry for pizza and it worked. Domino’s needed a power train to take them out of the gutter they were and even though their ways were not perfect, they worked, to the point that today they enjoy an increase in business of 33% and it keeps growing and now they are getting smarter in the ways of social media they choose to engage new customers and current ones.
What if your product wasn’t good and your customers tell you that. What would you do? You would probably come up with a defensive stand protecting your brand, product and aspects of it on which you strongly believe and try to shy away from that conversation, but that would rule out social media marketing since its all about that. The cool thing about Social media is that it allows you to face those customers and all they have to say head on.
A complete conversion in business is not usual but in today’s market we have seen winners and losers. Domino’s made one of those dramatic changes in its core business model. They started at the core, the demographic data and reviews of customers that eat their products and they were able to see clearly that customers at least the majority of them did not like the taste of their pizza. In an effort to show to them that they cared, Domino’s went back to the kitchen and created a whole new recipe for their pizzas using better grade of ingredients and a social common sense. In order for them to succeed they knew it wasn’t just about the recipe in the kitchen, it was also their customers. They opened their kitchen doors via social awareness and let customers come in and tell them what exactly were they lacking of, then released that message out. Weeks later, they released TV ads showing a chef in the Domino’s kitchen talking about how much they listened to their customers and how they came up with the new pizza, even incorporating a new satisfaction guaranteed sign on it!I’ve added a couple of their commercials so you can see their approach. Notice how the highlight is not the pizza, but the customers faces and honesty. That’s a social connection!
Does your company care enough about its customers to rebuild a bad product from scratch?
They tackled the first thing, making everyone aware that they knew their product wasn’t the best but they were going to give it its best to get it right even if it takes to go door by door trying them out. What this all means is that Domino’s CARES!, if your business cares and genuinely creates a social communication with its customers you will build an engaged community no one will stop.

First Stop |Twitter Ln.

Their first stop was of course their twitter feed, here customers would post everything about the Domino’s experience, good or bad and more bad than good for sure. The idea was not to create a product that was going to take all of these bad feedback and reviews away, the idea was more to create something that is way better than bad. There is no excellent product to create that can be loved and liked by all, people like different things of course but in the priority list, Domino’s hit the spot looking to what their consumers had to say about their pizza. Once you have a centralized channel on Twitter that you do nurture and pay attention to, your current customers will start following you since they know you will be there and since other people are looking you most probably will reply or take action on their sayings good or bad. Domino’s Pizza Twitter account was very active since the beginning creating deals, and coupons for customers to use online and over the phone. This made followers grow by the thousands and so did their reviews. Right now as you read this you probably have an account on Twitter or Facebook. If you were following Dominos and you ordered a pizza and came out to be bad you could just easily tag them on a comment to your friends and say “I just had the worst #dominos pizza experience ever!”, since their Twitter tag was called upon now all the 100k+ followers of Dominos will see the message and say, “Hey, maybe we should order Pizza Hut today after all”. You see the power here, I know you’ve done it in the past, you look on your wall and if you see something negative about a movie, or restaurant, even if you don’t know the person you would think twice before moving towards that. So Domino’s did great in tackling the obvious, paying attention to their core customers on a social site as powerful as Twitter and it helped tremendously.

Second Stop | Make it Real.

The other day I was watching TV and saw this commercial from Domino’s that says they are so sure their pizza looks and tastes great that they want you to take a digital picture and send it to them and they will post it online on their website. Now, I didn’t like the fact that the campaign was actually focused on a older demographic since they didn’t create a more mobile smart campaign but the core of the idea works. You get the Pizza, take a picture and send it via email or upload through their site online to share with others. Now, they have a real gallery of real pizzas being delivered across the U.S. My only problem with such campaign is that to my experience is incomplete. The approach Domino’s should’ve had was to execute a more intelligent plan about this. (See below)

My approach | Pay attention Dominos.

On their idea for taking a picture and send it to us I was very disappointed since I thought they were going to rock it. You see, they create this campaign, they show people with digital cameras shooting photos and they are supposed to go to the site and upload them. What? In today’s time 2010 where all people almost have mobile devices attached to their ears or with them at least 24/7 I would had approach the whole deal completely different. I would had created a native iPhone app, Android and RIM that allowed a customer to use their mobile device to take a picture and send directly from their phones!, I would had also created a mini SMS address to people would be able to send photos from their phones through MMS, or SMS to their site or publishing platform. Make it easy for your customers to do this tasks. On the mobile app arena I would have designed a simple review UI with stars, you get to use your Domino’s login and password to login with the app, and upload your photos so they not only get a photo, they get demographic data as well, and allow people to share the photo and review on Facebook or Twitter making it fun! I hope Domino’s listens.
Let me know your thoughts about the Domino’s experience if you’ve had one lately.

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