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Don’t sell a product that can be purchased cheaper at Amazon.

amazon-logoWith all the competition around the internet between Groupon, LivingSocial, Slickdeals and others there’s no way you can miss out of a sweet deal at least once a week. But I’ve noticed that competitors of such services are trying so hard to mimic success that makes it almost impossible for them to even get noticed and believe me when I say, these companies are serious about their goals but is surprising and sad that they cannot come up with new pioneering ways of executing the model of business they eagerly want to copy.
Why can’t you be unique? It still bothers me when people are trying to make a buck or two trying to copy and mimic every action of someone else’s success. Take a look at Living Social and Groupon for example. These two blended in greatly, Living Social came up with a service model that was successful and then Groupon added a new chapter in execution that got them up where they stand now. There is nothing wrong with that, looking at something that you can execute and make better then implement to reap benefits. I love both, Groupon and LivingSocial, I treat them as I treat Costco and Sam’s Club synergy, I like both and also get some things from one and the other. It’s a happy formula that works and probably works for you too.
Be unique and creative. That’s the core opportunity we can play with in a Social Media World. You have this unique opportunity to convert customers into passionate followers of your product and business, so don’t waste it. Because without a strategy and a clear record of who your customers are you might end up losing big in a Social always interactive world.
I myself keep a book with all the ideas I foresee and then work with them to see if they are relevant to today’s business atmosphere. Sometimes they are and turn out to be great, sometimes they are not and I just keep them in the book for learning purposes or exercising of the mind, either way I never waste my time copying others, I am creative and will keep creating new ways of doing things, that’s the fun part of all things! Get passionate about what you do and expose people to it, and soon you will have followers of followers looking around for your next venture or service announcement.
Let me know what are you passionate about in your current work, business or marketing initiative.

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