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Expand your Social Potential

social_media_clutter1-300x298Today’s business market powered by Social Media, allows us to develop our social image on the web way easier than ever before. With recognizable tools like Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, and more we can tackle any way to present ourselves to our followers.

We are the authors of our own identity. With simple keystrokes anyone could dissect all your tweets and see what are you all about. This takes seconds to do. People are defined in today’s social world by their digital moves and words.

You have to be available and open if you want to connect with people. That’s what Social is all about, “Connecting”.

Start today, look at your approachability index on LinkedIn and look at others. Do you restrict who can email you and who can’t? What content are you allowing people to see when they are just browsing around? Can I find you on Facebook with a simple link? Or do I need to figure it out?

Always use a “Don’t Make Me Think” approach on whatever you touch and do around Social and you will be ahead of the game big time.

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