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Flowtown: A Radical Way to know your Audience

flowtown-logo-dark-no-backdropEngagement rules in a Social Media world are tricky, if you do not have a powerful permission marketing base your business can suffer tremendously, the way your customers look at your brand, marketing strategies and future relationship could totally be hurt by it if you don’t have a solid permission marketing strategy in place. In order to get to know our customers and interact within their social environments it would help to know where they are, what service they actively use, what are the trends that they follow and also who is the most influential person within their social thread. All of these questions can be found with a good use of a tool called “FlowTown.”
FlowTown as their site says and I quote “is a social media marketing platform that helps businesses transform email contacts into engaged customers.” And they do!
The way it works is simple, let’s say you have a list of your top 100 customers and you would like to learn more about their social patterns and activity in Facebook, Twitter, etc. All you have to do is upload an email list and done, the intuitive interface of FlowTown takes around 2 seconds per email address and it shows you whether that user is an active member of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Stumble, and more and it doesn’t stop there, it also gives you a graph insight about your contacts, by percentage of who is where and who follows who and this is the key!
Internet Business is all about information and knowing where your customers are and who they follow is an amazing power to posses. Why? Well, if I know that John Doe is an active member on Twitter and one of his most influential people that he follows on Twitter is Mark Doe and he happens to be a friend of mine I can be introduce to him via Mark and establish a business channel unlike any other since there were no email marketing walls to break, I am directly engaging this customer in a personal more direct way and with support of his number one fan!
You see the power?, I exhort you to go ahead and give it a free try today, right at this second, go… Are you still here? Go and try it for yourself, all you need is 5 minutes!
Visit FlowTown.
Once you do the exercise, come back and let me know how it went.

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