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Foursquare + Groupon = Social Synergy

4SQI’ve been a fan since the beginning of Foursquare, I loved the concept of having a follow me concept socialized into a stream of where are you kind of way, sharing with people where are you or what are you doing were just the beginning of things. I still remember when instead of giving directions I would just text message people directions through Google Maps and they would arrive on their phones which they could open easily with Google Maps for mobile and presto! But things have changed, its in our nature we want more and more freedom of what to share, when and where.
Foursquare allows you to check-in into local places and share your location and what are you doing to your network of friends on Facebook, Twitter or just to yourself. The power of sharing what are you doing and where are you located is huge since you can share that with friends and start a social conversation. When Foursquare came out I had to try it, so naturally I started to check-in on places and sharing it on Facebook, just instantly people started sharing messages, every time I would check-in on a restaurant that one of my friends had previously visited I would get a tip onto what to order or sometimes even who to look for to serve my table, it was just amazing since all my experiences in those places just got better and better.
The cool thing about Foursquare is that it allows you to do that natively within the app, whenever you check-in you can post a tip of the place, so if you liked a certain menu item or server you can post it for the world to see it, so any time someone else check-ins into that same place they can get your tip about something in there.
The problem with Foursquare was that they weren’t profitable yet, so as people started to use the service more servers and equipment was needed and without money the service actually started to fail, it was sometimes timing out into people when checking into a place and also with it’s game layer platform which gives you badges and mayor-ships around town people could check into places without even being there. So what to do?, Foursquare released a better code, this time it would only allow you to check-in on places that you were nearby to since the app uses the GPS on your phone or device it was a rock solid move to do.
Now lets talk about Groupon. Everyone loves a deal and to share it it’s even better. Groupon made just that. Creating a way where the best deal lives and the one that doesn’t goes away, it allows people to buy great deals on the local business arena then allows you to Facebook connect your transaction on Facebook for all your friends to see, so basically Coupons go Viral! all your friends seeing what a sweet deal you got make your friends buy the same deal and probably join you when you go and redeem it on stores, restaurants, salons, bars and the list goes on.
But, Foursquare also moved into the deals arena with location based deals. Now when you check-in into a place, Foursquare will alert you with a Deals nearby flag which once clicked on takes you to the place nearby and the deal they are offering, so restaurant chains jumped on the wagon of GPS based deals and it just works. Businesses can now claim their location on Fousquare’s website and create offers for mayors and check-ins at their business. It is just amazing the social synergy these product brings.
Groupon cashed into 17.4 million $ thanks to “The Gap” and that is just the tip of the iceberg for them, generating more than 500 million $ to this day it makes Groupon a tough contender for mimics to copy upon. But let’s not forget about Yelp! which started some deals on their own and scored the deal of the day in San Francisco yesterday outselling Groupon’s deal by way too many.
I love social competition and to see who brings a reliable platform that works and interact with the social core of things.
Go and try out Foursquare, Groupon or Yelp! today and post your feedback!

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