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Fun is a Social Media Hit! Didn’t you know?

People interact in a social environment to engage into something that is both fun and engaging. If I look at your billboard and do not directly engage and relate to it’s message or content the “You Had Me At Hello” theory is gone and I move onto the next thing to watch. That is the social world we live on, and using platforms like Twitter and Facebook makes this two complete different worlds to tackle and reap benefits from.
The great thing about Twitter is that it allows a simple, clean interface to interact with the end user without showing too much advertising and photo/video streams. This keeps things simple enough for people to read the content and interact with it’s authors or Re-Twitters in a simple 140 MAX characters conversation which cleans the extra content we don’t care about and focus in a selling point of small characters count.
On the other hand with Facebook we have a lot of distractions to look into and delve in, making the simple message of only content not rich enough for people to stick to and interact. So if your mission is to sell and share content I would recommend Twitter as long as you have something concrete and good to share! The importance here is GOOD CONTENT that matches your followers! If you content is not paired with your followers I don’t care what you share content wise, it will not fly with your audience.


Yeah, get to know them, take a look at who are they following and what is their sharing part in Twitter. You have to do this in order to understand how to engage with them, you can post a type of message that clicks with 50% of your followers on Monday but make sure that you post a message that works with your other 50%, if you don’t you will see some numbers drop and that is your TROI (Twitter Return On Investment), yes there is a “TROI” everywhere since you are investing time into the equation and your time is valuable.


Your Facebook approach should be towards a Rich Media environment since that is the majority of content served on that platform. How come? Look around Facebook, it looks like a battery of apps and ads on their right side that sometimes seems uncontrollable. So make your post and enrich it’s look with a nice photo and a personalized message by you, let the META take on it’s own when sharing a link and you will be engaging and personal at the same time, something that Twitter lacks on and its good that it does since both have no comparison when it comes on ways to share and what to share.
Know your audience applies to both mediums, but the key is to know who are you after and are trying to engage into. Are you looking for new customers? Are you just sharing information about your area of expertise? These questions need to have an answer before you click “Post”, so keep that in mind!

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