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Get Powered by Groupon!

powered by GrouponI saw this coming long time ago and I am happy to see that it is shaping to be what I expected. The Powered by Groupon viral loop strategy is off to a good start. Partnering with eBay, starting today people can earn Ebay Bucks from their Groupon transactions.
Even though it seems weak at the moment you can see that the approach is more of a experiment from both parties than an assertive strategy. The power between these two can be measured into instant gold or simple flop.
It is important to choose wisely when you are experimenting with new partners. In this case if the experiment turns not to be a good one it is easy to break it off and try again without either or taking any heat. Their friendship approach is a clean one allowing eBay to keep their brand and just adding a simple “Powered by Groupon” logo on the top bar.
I believe in models like Powered by Groupon, it reminds me of the almost obsolete “The World is Flat” approach.
Kudos for this eye opener. All Social Imagineers out there, it is time to stop and stare.

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