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Google Calendar is about to go Social!

Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that there are still people that aren’t harnessing the power of the Google Apps Platform. With tools such as Documents, Images, Email and Calendar, Google has positioned themselves in a unique cloud-relationship position.
Their latest acquisition of “Plannr” brings a sneak peak onto what the big giant is up to these days. Google Calendars allows you to become a true on-the-go user with follow-me capabilities that transcend mobile devices and internet tablets. It’s a true synergy of web services and clean execution that has been hard to follow.
People following calendars have the potential to become something important because TV networks, Sports Channels can actually incorporate within Gmail users calendars and make subscriptions available as the old Public Calendar functionality once was able to.
Stay with me here. The real power of Google Apps relies on Companies actually moving and migrating their current Mail Servers into Google Corporate Services, this will allow those businesses to really use the social components within their corporation and allow versatile usage within employees for better execution. We have talked in the past about the power of social in the business environment and now with “Plannr” Google can make it possible within months.
I foresee Google Calendars and Email messaging being morphed into a new social feed with a twist of “Google Buzz” & “Google Wave” both test projects Google ran for a couple of months. When Google Calendars become social there will be a whole new approach on planning, scheduling, sharing, events in the social world that might surprise us. So stay tuned!
Are you currently using Google Apps? Google Calendar? Let us know and share your experiences.

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