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Groupon Works! A Case Study about Groupon and its effects.

Recently I helped a friend of mine establish a Groupon campaign and I was completely amazed on the time they take on a per customer basis to develop and create a successful  Groupon for your company. I think Groupon definitely has a winning formula here and this is not only me, take for instance their tremendous success with The Gap from which they generated over 17 million $ in one day.
The model is pretty standard, you want to be in Groupon you have to be good, they will look into Google Places rankings, reviews in Yelp!, etc. to see whether you are worthy of being part of their amazing ways of put you in front of millions or thousands within your local area.
Groupon works on a 50/50 ration so whenever you create a coupon transaction worth 25$ they keep 12.50$ and you get 12.50$ sort of, since they are a payment gateway they will add the transaction fee on there too, making your 12.50$ more like 10.75$. At the end I think is all worth it. They help you create a great offer that your customers and soon to be customers cannot resist. There is no cost associated to be part of Groupon as long as you have a good established product and an eagerness to make your Groupon campaign succeed.
They have recently started gathering data from customers and checking patterns so once you buy a Groupon they send you other offers alike.
If you haven’t used Groupon go ahead and find something you like and give it a try, there is nothing stickier than a collaboration coupon site with a fun twist!

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