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Having an open records policy socially matters!

After watching Steve Jobs deliver his latest Mac Event in front of a group of around 250+ or so I really couldn’t stop thinking about the power of the message delivered and what it really means.


I know that the event was all over the iPad2 and what’s next for Apple on their 2011 fiscal year, but more than that it was that Apple always has had an open policy on how their devices and latest gadgets are socially doing. Since we are all globally social with tools as a medium like Facebook, Twitter and more, it comes to a core embedded feature of us humans that we tend to follow a large crowd and the way it thinks. When Steve Jobs gives the numbers out and says that 100 million human beings own an iPhone device that is power right there. The attention seamlessly moves from what will the next Android phone bring to the table to a whole 360o degree change to which you pay attention. 100 Million Users with a device, another 100 million iBook’s sold, a total of 65,000 apps, comparative analysis on how their competitors are doing and disclosing that all competitors do not share their data as freely as Apple does makes Apple the biggest most mature player in the technology and social industry, period.


This Open Policy of showing revenue, devices sold, methods of usage, real interviews on how the device and solutions are being used by others, giving you a clean open aspect of how the company is doing fiscally and where is headed show something that others lack.


How many Google TV devices have been sold?


How about Kindles? What do people think about their price, features and more?




Android devices we know too little to really make a shake as Apple did yesterday.


I truly believe that an Open Social Policy should be always available in any message, campaign, idea or method of communication you release today either to your current customers or candidates to be.


Be open a share with them how your products are doing today, how many customers are using it, who are they and what do they really think about the product. Because in a Social World, this is what matters.


Keep it Social!

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