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Kick-off the 2011 by moving into the Cloud!

It’s been an amazing year for Cloud Computing. Today I find myself in the cloud. All my services and files are in the cloud. The cloud meaning the internet as a service for some of you that do not know what the cloud is.

I start the day with kicking and screaming on my phone as an alarm, is a cloud based radio service that allows you to set likes of artists and plays non stop music based on that artist and related music. Then off I go to my computer where all my documents are safely and secured in Google Docs and check my email as well in Gmail of course. All my contacts are already there as well so I can schedule my appointments and things to do for the day on Google Calendar, and the day goes on.

My cellphone is already in sync with the cloud and services like DropBox allows me to always be in sync with the files I need all the time wherever I am.

Those days of carrying a USB thumb drive are close to be over. With seamless integration of services and internet as the back end all you need is you.

So start this year right and jump into the Cloud, start as simply perhaps backing up all your files to a Cloud Storage service like Carbonite or something like it.

Let’s go to the CLOUD.

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