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Like, Share and Follow | It’s Business 3.0

There are three keywords that are always present in a active social world and these are ” LIKE, SHARE & FOLLOW”

LIKE– of the same form, appearance, kind, character, amount.
SHARE – to divide and distribute.
FOLLOW – to go or come after.

With Facebook, millions of people have reached a new definition of “Like”, to the point that it defines your persona in that platform. Go to a friends profile page and notice all the things they have liked around our Social World, it might be a pair of jeans, a movie, a song, photos, videos, etc. You can actually jump into a fairly clear conclusion about that persons likes in a glimpse of an eye. The “Like” is everywhere. Social shopping experiences are better with a “Like” button and they are spreading faster than light on a much bigger proportion.
I Like, You Like, They Like, has become the catalyst from which millions of businesses can spread their products and message virally within seconds.
On the Sharing of things the internet platform has been modeled after the simple action of sharing. We can share anything and everything we find, from the links we daily visit to emails, music, videos, songs, etc. The art of sharing is perfected with tools like Google Docs, Search Engine results, RSS Feeds, etc. These are tools which are vital for a shared enabled resource on the internet.
And of course we have “Follow” by Twitter. It’s not about the people we follow is about the people who follow us and the content we provide and the ones who read it. Businesses that create a short and valuable list of trusty followers have a social synergy that ever lasts and bring real results. Measurable results.
These three words “Like, Share & Follow” is the real definition of a social business enabled world. Which word is your business modeled after?

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