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Social Project – The Dos Equis Story

If you haven’t met “The Most Interesting Man in the World” yet via TV commercials, YouTube, Facebook posts or any other I have to ask where have you been. With over 250 beer brands looking for consumers attention, new ideas need to be formulated that take a whole different approach in order to stand out.
One of the things we can learn from such a great and strategic campaign is that Dos Equis did their homework, they knew exactly that their demographic was primarily 21 – to 34-year old males who consider themselves trend leaders and are more than frat boys looking for booze. They also knew that these customers had a very active lifestyle, going out with lots of friends and women which of course brings a lot of stories and experiences to share socially.
When you are trying to re-launch your brand with a new twist you need to understand and know by the book who is your audience. There is no luck into launching something out there and reaching someone you weren’t expected to reach to. Those things happen in real like and we call them “Luck” but are not consistent and don’t happen often. If you know your demographic information and who do you want to reach you will be able to develop a better medium to connect with them on a personal level as Dos Equis did with this amazing campaign. They went after video medium and social viral mediums like YouTube, then migrated to the TV commercials and now they are showing them even on movie theaters. The reach is out of this world. The marketing campaign and new face of Dos Equis brought them up to be the No.8 import brand in the U.S. and their market share grew 22%. Their brand was known now by people that before had no clue about them.
It is very important to understand your brand and be open to change it a little in order to fit within a possible channel of customers you want.
Business strategies cannot be run like they were 10 or maybe 5 years ago. The ways to reach new customers and new levels in your business depends on your rationality of understanding that social business is a changing channel that you need to adapt and be ready to morph into if you want to reap its benefits. Adapting new colors, changing logos, printing pens and coffee mugs are a thing from the past. Launching a site that shows your new persona and ways of interacting with your customers, creating awareness of your brand using mediums that are being used in the field and are current and not trying to be something else just being unique will make your social brand explode in results that exceed expectations.
No one can copy Dos Equis – Most Interesting Man in the World campaign now. They need to re-invent and create something new and appealing to whoever they want to. But in order for that to happen you need to know where do your stand and are you current with the world and the way business run in 2010?
Here is a couple of their videos and Stay thirsty my friends!

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