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The Future Pad of Social

While I am writing this special piece for GetSocialJax I am multitasking between listening to Pandora, building a new playlist on Rdio, adding new shows I want to see on TV on my Tivo iPad App and texting my mom back and forth. This technological plethora of apps and Pad’s is about to get better and more dynamic, if you are in love on what’s today wait until what’s around the corner.

Recently a good friend of mine asked me about the latest phones out there and what did I though about Android, iOS, Blackberry and all of that.

The first thing that came to my mind was the relation that all of them have on releasing a Pad device powered by their OS in the next couple of months and how the data hungry apps we enjoy today are growing hungrier than ever. Sometimes I find myself having a hard time to remember when was the last time I actually logged into homepage and checked in with my friends, since the iPad was born all I’ve needed is my Facebook App ported from iPhone into iPad to work and enjoy all the benefits of it. So there it goes, one less visit a day to Facebook from me, then I kept thinking about all the websites that I have effortlessly replaced with an app, starting with The Wall Street Journal and up to Gmail and more. We are in a true connected environment where almost all the top web resources are readily available via an application that simply fetches information.

Moving from my Blackberry device was not easy, I have to say, but jumping into Android was amazingly refreshing. Seeing all the apps and the features got me really going, and coming from an iPad environment I can definitely see that both of them compliment each other perfectly. Now it is clear why there are people that love the intuitiveness of the iOS powered devices and on the other hand there are the power hungry and open source fans that are in need of a platform that never says no to them.

What’s next right? Well we can definitely say that the new iPhone 5 will be powered not by one but 2 Processors at the moment and will allow multiple carriers to serve it since it is tedious to re-engineer a phone every time twice because of service providers. So if the iPhone still is an amazing phone why do we need twice the power? Hmm…

Then there’s Blackberry with their news out there that they will be releasing dual-core processing phones. What’s up with that?

Android joins saying that Samsung and other vendors will provide dual-processor powered devices as well.

In a year packed with 4G all over we are in search for the fastest and most reliable of services out there and it seems that whatever is coming will require twice the amount of power and data stream that at this moment we have needed.

It is a fact that tiered plans limiting the user to 2GB are already obsolete, with Twitter real time applications your phone is a gateway of data that continuously goes from point A to point B thousands of times a day just to keep the app up to date with perhaps the thousands of Tweets that hit your wall everyday. We demand smarter and more efficient devices and data needs to be available 24/7 and at the fastest of rates all the time on the Go.

Verizon’s LTE investment into their 4th Generation network service comes at a perfect time since people are starting to realize that they will need more juice in order to feed their apps.

Pads are around the corner which will include the Playbook by Blackberry, Android powered Pads, IPad2 and more.

I consider myself a Blu-Ray true fan, having finally upgraded my DVD core collection to a full Hi-Def experience makes me see the little kid inside of me every time I watch Avatar on Blu-Ray . But then I’ve been using for almost two months now a True Blu-Ray streaming service on which I rent Blu-Ray movies and they are streamed into my PS3 within seconds. Ok, so wait. I get to watch Blu-Ray movies on demand with the top most quality 1080p for $3 and I do not need to wait for my Netflix movies to come in? Vudu has enchanted my Hi-Def life with seamless integration in my living room, and Netflix?

Well, Netflix will move to an all you can stream approach where users will be able to stream all Netflix collection of movies to which ever device they please. Why? Because it works and of course it saves them millions of dollars in postage. The move will be an easy one, they are already in iPhones (30+ million active users), iPad’s (10+ million active users), XBOX360 (millions of accounts active), PS3 (millions more), and soon Android. Why not right?

As these services start moving to hungry data apps, they will require a bandwidth that will shake service providers to their core. But hey, we are in a scalable world and at the pace we are we might be in 5G before the year end.

Get ready. As a Semantic Web Architect I can feel and see how this world will be in the next couple of months, it doesn’t take much. Look around you, close our eyes and see….. because today it is all possible with just a click.

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