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The Heart of Google

The Heart of Google is beating harder than ever, and while some people are focused into venues like Groupon, Facebook’s next move, and Twitter. It is important to keep an eye on what Google has coming up. During the past years Google have been focused in extensive growth with acquisitions and buyouts of companies that increase their technology offering and innovation to the next level. Even though Yelp! has been grabbing a whopping 35 million visits a month with their local-geolocation review powered website, Google Places still is a must have to any business with a physical address. The Google Places platform is a great key tool in incorporating the reviews and geo-location features your small business deserves.
If you see past the simple idea of Google Places you can actually see that it approaches a Fousquare like model and of course a Review Yelp! like model. But the important part here is that Google Places or Google Local was the innovative piece in this puzzle. The technology was already there with their mapping API integration from Maps into the local business directory market, even though customers cannot check-in using a Google App on their phones, Google launched Google Latitude to allow people share their GPS locations with friends allowing a Foursquare like experience without the game and badge earnings we’ve all come to love. That is what makes Google stay in the game without even trying. Their acquisitions sometimes seen as not smart or a waste of money are indeed well planned and in the back burner for a reason. Once something big comes out is easier for them to offer it or even sometimes show how’s done right.
Recently, there have been a lot of activity surrounding the next step in TV/Web Entertainment Business and where is it all headed. While looking at providers like TiVo, ComcastDVR, Hulu, Roku, Boxee, AppleTV and others, it seemed too clear that a move of Google onto the TV Boxset would not be welcomed or would be a failed attempt. And boy were they wrong. With their release on ChromeOS and Android for the mobile platform, Google has created a almost open free source platform for developers to create apps and interact with a triage of key ingredients in today’s entertainment arena, those being TV, Mobile and Internet. With ChromeOS which has been recently ported onto the Chrome Browser, users can enjoy a faster experience on the Web with a Google powered browser and add applications to it using the browser as an internet platform. The apps are great and they vary from snapshot apps to more complex applications. Once the trial of Chrome was a successful one, they moved onto the ChromeOS which was already a proven platform because of the Chrome browser, so it was released as a OS competitor to iOS and others. Once loaded onto an slim device like an iPad it would offer customers what they were looking for, a fast, reliable and simple OS that end-users could actually expand to their needs while installing apps like the Chrome browser did. The results were great and they kept moving onto the next step. Google TV!

With Google TV they are transforming the way we experience TV entertainment in our homes today. The OS is rich and visually stunning. With tools like built-in search, YouTube videos, Vevo connections, HD access, Integration with CableTV boxes and interoperability with thousands of apps it seems that the day has come where our TV’s will be transformed to something more powerful that being able to rent movies and watch photos. While the product hasn’t launched yet, the reviews are not surprisingly great! There is always a beginning and a learning curve, but once you have overcome those it actually turns to be easier and easier to implement good products and gain trust within your customers/end-users and such is the case with Google.
GMail is an extensive tool that has migrated from email made easier to a powerful collaboration tool that has become a critical business tool for Inc. 500 companies around the U.S. GTalk and Google Voice have also increased business interaction and cost savings by the thousands and sometimes more.
So to recap, Google provides us with Email, Voice, TV, Images, Videos, Search, Social and the list goes on and on. Their way of execution keeps getting better with their mistakes and it is a fresh look to see a company not repeat the same mistakes taken in the past.
The Heart of Google is in the right place, the need of their customers which is “Us”. They keep innovating us with their latest releases like “Google Live Search” and of course Google TV and truly I can’t wait to see what’s next!
How many times do you find yourselves in a Google product a day? And which one is your favorite to date?

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