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The Oprah Effect Formula

I normally take a couple of days for a break and research. So I am happy to be back blogging once again about what I love. A lot of people ask me “What is what you do again?” to which I simply respond I architect web businesses from concept to execution in order to be successful.
Last night I was watching “The Oprah Show” to which without any question I’ve become a fan of, and as surprising it looks for a 29 year old male to be following upon, I have actually found a true genius formula behind it all that when applied correctly to any marketing or web social campaign will make the Oprah effect take on it and develop.
I know it sounds strange to combine both and see them function as one, but the truth is that “Oprah” is real to all her audience and followers and that’s what I like about it. Sometimes you can relate and in others you can find a person you already know or is close to you that can relate to that story or theme in the program so you share that with that person which in returns makes that message viral.
The Oprah Effect as I call is a direct formula that carries two main components in any successful viral loop social media campaign in today’s business highway.

I. A thing to relate to

Once you have decided to build a campaign to attract new customers or make current customers come back or listen to what you have to say, your content needs to relate to a large audience. The social world is huge with numbers hitting millions, just Facebook itself have about 200 million concurrent active profiles hitting services, content, pictures by the hundred of thousands per second worldwide, this means that the content reach is to abroad and even though you can tailor the content to be sent to people depending on their demographic data and location, for a real social success your message should be directed to a large group of people of all ages and sex in order to click with them and make it viral. Take the premise of the TV for this example where shows pick a topic that relates to its current audience but also sometimes is open enough to attract a different string of audience and this is an unknown factor that we need to be prepared to, since in today’s environment where all content revolves on a certain level of influence from bloggers, tweets and more we surely have to pay attention to what sticks and sells.

II. It’s a friend

To me the way Oprah talk to her audience is like they are her neighbors and just came in to hang out. Her personal synergy with her personal friends and invited panelists makes the whole experience very likable and friendly. Now I am not saying you should hire Oprah to make an ad on her show for your company or brand even though that would be wonderful but the reality of the fact is that the message comes to your brain like this person is a friend and you in return accept it and share it easily without hesitation.
The idea is simple, the execution is tricky. A friendly message means that the tone is set to a baritone standard where we can talk about whatever we want without sounding harsh or pushy. Think about the experience of shopping for a car and how the salesman is constantly pushing you to buy or to check with his manager to see if he can get a better price for you. Isn’t this annoying? This is what we need to avoid. We are in a social world where the Dear Mr. Joe is out of the equation and outdated. The approach is a personal approach. My mom is the only one that can call me Angelito, for my friends I am Angel so I do not relate to messages that call me Dear Mr. Angel, when I get a message that goes directly to the point a simple Hi Angel, suffices.
When  you create a campaign that can socially relate to your audience like they would be watching it on a primetime show and also has a friendly content or sale pitch you will be applying “The Oprah Effect” to it and we all know what the results are for that.
So go and start applying this effect today. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.
PS: Share it here. And let me see what I think!

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