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The Power of Business at the potential of Sharing

Potential is defined as “a field defined in space, from which many important physical properties may be derived”. Now replace the word “space” with business and we have our social business theory which has been approved and rectified by millions and that is the power of sharing.
Common knowledge and personal knowledge used to be a property that people used to protect and never share with no one. At one point the personal knowledge in business of something would ensure someone’s job future in a company, information was held as the gold in the arc that only you knew about and it was the fuel that sometimes ran businesses and corporations around the world.
In today’s century we have to give it to Google and the Internet as a platform to allow information sharing to be the catalyst and singular component that still fuels this global movement we call social sharing.
Now, the knowledge of millions can be reached within seconds and the lives of our ancestors can be searched and indexed with the power of digital indexed books online. We can even carry millions of words in a device that weights less than 2oz which battery life lets us read for weeks without interruption. Sometimes I close my eyes and see what else can I share with the world that will make it a better one. The power of sharing still to this day amazes me. Even though I am in my late 20’s, I have been exposed to it since the beginning and exploring its potential is my mission.
Sharing has transformed the way we do businesses, the way we talk, the way we live inclusive the way we get to be around our loved ones. Just a single powerful word shared by our mothers when we were raised to consistently do with others finally is something we do get to do on a daily basis sometimes without thinking about it.
Sharing is the core of any business that is successful today. The potential of sharing in business is unlimited and you see it everyday being exploded by others. We see it in Twitter with daily posts of businesses sharing their knowledge on their products to their consumers. We see it in B2B campaigns and information releases allowing other companies to understand the thread of values of a company before sharing resources and executing businesses together. Facebook is all about sharing experiences, email, messaging, all around us is about sharing.
The best way to learn marketing is doing it!, cold-call days are over. A new business logistic is in the air and you are part of it, so start moving your business at the power of sharing.

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