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You cannot revolutionize without innovation. With today’s tools it is becoming easier and easier to reach millions or thousands with a couple of clicks. The action of social innovation should be getting bigger and busier everyday but sometimes it is more competition we see instead of innovation.
Facebook in it’s early stages innovated through the power of social connections and at that time the only tool we had was email. Email was our top way of communication with the web and within friends. Sending an email could cause something to go viral within seconds with a simple forward command or check this out subject line. But today the playfield is different, we have the help of platforms fueled by millions of active users which we can easily shape and use to our needs.
You have Twitter to follow people and influence decisions on your customers and prospects, with simple #hashtags and @shouts you can make your message visible to a large crowd in seconds. The power of trust and influence in Twitter is it’s vital stat, without it you cannot succeed nor your message. But how can you become trusted within your community or peers and how can you make a message influence the decision of others? Its all based in a daily activity innate in us since birth and that are relationships. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows us to learn more from people that influence us in a day to day basis. The people you follow today is because you are open to their message and are willing to listen when they have something to say. If you weren’t you just “unfollow” them and that’s the end of the story. The number of people you are following and vice versa to you do not matter when it comes to the value of what you have to say and to whom it connects with. I am tired of following companies because I feel like I am following a brand and not a real person. Companies should not join Twitter unless they are ready for it, ready to daily engagement and relationships with their customers, if they are not, it will end up hurting their brand and product message without hesitation and people in today’s social world know that if it’s not your company or product there are thousands out there that can deliver. So make it count with your message and make innovation part of your daily message. Share with your customers and followers new ways you are trying to tackle current issues in your industry or needs.
Facebook was born out of a basic vision where social interaction should be brought into the Internet equation and be open to the end user to control and enjoy. Same with Twitter on which when presented for the first time to VC’s the CEO had only pictures of himself in multiple places and captions on it saying “I am in the park”, “I made it to class” , etc. Some people where like what is he talking about, but it was all about innovation.
We keep seeing companies being created and trying to fix ideas that are already out there and successful and sometimes that blinds them onto creating something unique like a whole new way of doing things, etc. Get your ideas out there! Start a new email campaign with an A/B split test with tools like MAILCHIMP and make one of them the way you want it and the other one the way you’ve been doing it and give it a try. Nobody knows your customers better than yourself, try new things and innovate. Try contacting new prospects through LinkedIn, use FlowTown and send them a Twitter message. Innovation is out there for any business and we have the tools to make it happen we just have to keep innovating!

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