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Twitter is the Social City that Never Sleeps

BOAWe used to call NYC the city that never sleeps, then the social world took over the waves of the internet and became architect to a whole new way of connecting with others. Time is hard to be measureable when millions and millions of others collaborate with web usage and content publishing tools to keep that city running.

Social is here to stay, the way we interact and communicate will only get better but it is you who make it happen.

Companies try so hard to keep up with the social ways of business that they sadly more often miss the point on what works for them might not had worked for others.

It is 10:35PM on Florida and a customer of Bank of America goes to a close by ATM to retrieve some cash for a night out with his other half. As soon as the card enters the system the machine malfunctions and the Debit Card is trapped inside. There’s a highly visible Toll-Free number for customers to call to report issues with the ATM machine 24/7. The customer grabs a cellphone and makes one call, the system replies with options that do not fit the need but instead forces the customer to enter his account number, social security number and phone pin in order to be connected with a Customer Service representative. All of a sudden a recording comes in and says they are closed for the holidays…

From here the customer goes onto Twitter (The City that Never Sleeps) and posts his frustration with the bank system. Millions see the post within minutes and start posting frustration with the Bank and other services. Now is has become a way to take frustration out of their systems and into a viral software of code that seems to actually make the feel better.

Call it therapy for the millennium, but in today’s market we take our frustration into the Social Globe and it actually works. The impact shakes businesses to their core and if they cannot engage with it they will be obsolete.

I am in love with the City that Never Sleeps, I’ve seen its potential and I see it grow everyday. We are reshaping the way business interact with customers. We are the voice, we are the architects and there’s a platform to support us.

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