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What is your business “Social Voice?”

Yes, Social Voice. What is Social Voice you may ask? With all the social marketing tools and nifty ways to engage our customers and audience we have developed a Social Voice and it even carries a tone on the way we address our customers and business opportunities. Sometimes we get carried away with the posting, blogging, emails, Facebook requests and lets not forget Twitter of course about our social voice. There is a tone for every communication piece, when you read a post or a book you can feel the tone and the character that the content portrays and this is also part of what we socially say in all mediums.
Sometimes I look at some business Twitter accounts, that have hundreds of thousands of followers and notice that the tone of some of the posts and tweets are bland and cold, it just seems that lacks of true personality, more like a machine is coming up with what next to be said and just like that it gets posted and the job is done.
The power of connection that social media tools brings to us is an amazing opportunity for us as the business model behind it to portray a real human connection with the content we constantly publish. So whenever a review comes up that customer can get a reply from the business thanking them for such a great review, or whenever we get a negative article about our products or services to show a face behind the brand and to reply to those messages in a civilized social manner will create a connection far more powerful than any other. It is with such accuracy that I say that since I’ve lived it with multiple of my customers. To the point that reviewers and bloggers have retracted what had been said and updated with a simple fixed message like “I cannot believe the CEO of the [blank] company replied on our blog, I just off the phone with him and he will send a replacement right away, kudos to great service!”.
This as an example shows you how trust can be regained and passed onto all the readers of the content. To the point that sometimes readers turn into customers even though the service provider was hammered down the first time with maybe a bad review, or service complaint. The simple action of presenting a social human voice into the equation made that customer stick and others to follow.
Sites like have a plethora of this examples, so go ahead and browse away because my words turn into living examples of real companies like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Apple, Microsoft, and the list goes on and on. All of these companies stopped creating a cold face on all social mediums and started tuning their social voice on each community, so people feel connected to a person representing that community and can trust the source to be reached whenever a problem or complaint presents itself while knowing that whenever an issue comes up, someone will listen and act upon it right away.
So if you are in Twitter, I want you to do this exercise and read the posts of the customers that are following you and learn from them. Create personal connections with them through your Social Voice today and reap the benefits of simply being real.

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