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What works! | Geolocation and Social Media

GeolocationMobile Geolocation is a term that intimidates a lot of people since sharing your exact location at a precise time is something very private in our nature, but when shared with people you want to share it with its a whole new game. I have been using Foursquare since they launched almost a year ago and we just clicked. The premise of sharing with friends, only of course, where I was, turned out to be great for social meetings, trips to the movies, etc. Anytime I would go to the mall I would just check-in into a store and give a shout out to my friends about any discounts or offers at that store and all of a sudden my best friends would just show up and it would make shopping a better experience for both.
Now, let’s recap. The action of me registering myself into a Geolocation platform that allows me to share it with people I want to share it with, made an activity so much more gratifying that made my friends spread the word about it and now we all use it. Don’t get me wrong I still love my privacy and whenever needed I just don’t check-in. The reason of me bringing this up is that Foursquare had a great winning formula: Geolocation + Game = Fun. The platform itself is a big game that people play and get badges for. The first time you check-in into a place you get a “Newbie” badge, you can check-in into places and become the mayor of that place with multiple check-ins, you can compete to become the mayor of a place in particular if you want and big players like network TV channels like Bravo, TLC and others are using it’s platform to allow people to check-in into TV shows whenever they are watching them. The social interaction and fun of this platform is pure genius.
Of course competitors like Gowala, Loopt, SCVNGR, Facebook Places, Google Latitude come into equation, but what I wanted to bring here is that Fun is key with any social media interaction you are trying to get across.
Your Company Culture Can Be Fun, and we sometimes stay focus into old ideas that make that thought dim out more and more everyday. The use of Geolocation is everywhere. And where can we better see this dynamic at it’s peak than Facebook with its 350+ million members.
Right now at this moment you can go to Facebook and claim your business location. It’s a very easy process to claim your business location which allows people to check-in into your offices. I’m sure you have employees or yourself with a Facebook account and that’s all you need to make this work. When your place is available in Facebook Places all your employees can check-in into it whenever they come to work so their friends see where they are and what they are doing. Sounds creepy? Not really. A recent survey brought to account that a younger demographic is eager to use Geolocation services to share their whereabouts and what they are up to during business hours and they embrace it as a normal diligence since they can share it with only people they want. Having employees check-in into Facebook Places under your company is a great way to get your social business word out there, I think of it as LinkedIn on steroids, and this is just an example of course.
If you are a Small Business you can start reaping the benefits of a Google Places page, then move onto Foursquare and register your location or claim your business. Create a mayorship offer exclusive to people that become the mayor of your business or just check-in into it. Or simply create a Facebook Places page and start check-in into your business place everyday. I love to be the mayor of my office and I hold a couple of mayorships around town, they are tough to keep but that just makes it more fun.
Start now with Geolocation and mix it with a little social media magic and make your business fun to be around. Give me your thoughts about Geolocation and how are you planning or are using it now.

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