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What’s the next BIG THING? Geo-Location Limited Deals!

GPSYes, you got it here probably first. There will be a mash-up of Geo-Location powered apps and Limited Deals coming soon to a business near you. Read along.
With the release of deals on Facebook now the deal platform powered by Groupon has gone from 20 million reachability up to a new competitor that ports 500 million friends and counting. But how will this exactly work?
It’s all about staying connected.

Mobile devices are a 24/7 stay connected gateway that connects you the end user to multiple API powered apps that interface with the GPS chip inside your phone. So when you check-in into your next stop you might see offers like “From 6 to 7 all beers and drinks just a $1” on the bar across the street from you. You see that this is a great deal and you are thirsty!, so there you go. As soon as you get in you show the bartender your merit badge on Foursquare making you Offer-Approved and you start the weekend on a great deal that followed you based on your geo-location and also casted the impulse shopper in you to get first on a great deal that is limited by time. Do you see the power in this? Compulsion meets Location which then converts to profit!

Let’s see that again. Compulsion meets Location which then converts into profit. But how?
Limited time deals are the latest thing, it’s nothing new though. Remember the Amazon Gold Deals, they had an expiration based on time, so Amazon would serve multiple great deals to the first people that got it, if you were too late you had to wait for the next one to come. The cool thing about it was that you didn’t know what the deal was until it was kicked off, so you had to stay on the site and see it for yourself! This generated great results for Amazon and still does today! Time limited deals are a great way to get people buying stuff, it is the ACT NOW! strategy of Deal powered World Wide Web.

The power of Geo-location deserves great credit as well. You could see it’s potential on Facebook’s presentation of the updated API Graph. They were saying that B2C’s can definitely enjoy the freedom of creating deals based on location and selection. I want a deal to be directed to males within my area or females. Isn’t that great? The power of reach that we have today is exploding. I am getting a headache with so many ideas and ways I would exploit the creativity on these campaigns and cannot wait to see what comes of it.

We know that the Web is disappearing and migrating onto our hands to that device we no longer call a phone but instead a browser, camera, radio, mp3 player, iPod and all things combined.
B2C start your engines, because a Time Limited Deal with a Geo-Location strategy is your way to become Social God!

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